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Trader Joe’s: Beauty Edition

trader joesTrader Joe’s is hands down my favorite store. I shop at TJ’s on a weekly basis and buy nearly all of my food there.  For those unfamiliar with the name, Trader Joe’s is a specialty grocery chain focusing on unique gourmet and organic health foods. I love the uncommon foods available there, as well as their wine and flower selection. I also enjoy reading the flyer they release perhaps once a month or so (I don’t keep track), in which they feature new and old products. While it doesn’t really make me want to purchase anything… okay maybe a little bit. I love the whimsy with which each product description is written. The flyers and indeed much of their product packaging in general, is written in true J. Peterman style. Seinfeld fans of the world rejoice (side note: Did you know J. Peterman is a real company? :O).

Known as a specialty and health foods store, shopping for beauty products at your local TJ’s might not be something you’ve even thought of, but you should! I’ve found that for personal hygiene products, such as skin care items, certain oils and a few hair care items, Trader Joe’s can be an excellent source not to mention a cheaper alternative than many drugstores. Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite Trader Joe’s beauty items:

Micellar Face Wipes Vitamin E OilFace Wipes

A fairly straightforward product, I love these makeup remover towelettes. They have a nice scent, leave my skin feeling clean and slightly moisturized and are very inexpensive in comparison to other name brand makeup remover towelettes; costing a mere $2.99. I keep one pack on my nightstand at all times, for the nights I feel too tired to wash face. I also bring a pack with me to the gym for a quick post workout wipe down.

Vitamin E Oil

I use Vitamin E oil on my skin after I shower a couple of times a week for deep moisturizing. I also add a couple of drops to my conditioner on days I feel my hair has gotten too dry.

tea tree oil trader joesTea Tree Oil Face Wash

This is something that my mom used to try to make me use in high school to fight blemishes. I hated it. I could not stand the smell and never used it. Recently I have added tea tree oil back into my skin care regiment and cannot praise it enough. This face wash has done a great job in helping to clear up my mild breakouts and balance out my skin. It is a bit drying though so I use it in conjunction with my Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.

Tea Tree Oil

Along with the wash this is my new Holy Grail skin care item. Trader Joe’s tea tree oil is 100% and while not as cheap as some Amazon options, it is definitely one of the best in-store buys you will find. I use tea tree oil as a toner by adding a few drops to water or some witch hazel and also as a spot treatment for any blemishes that might crop up. Tea tree oil is also a good anti-inflammatory and disinfectant for small cuts and scrapes.  Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, a small dab of tea tree oil on an enlarged blemish will shrink it to at least half of its original size overnight.

trader joes jojoba oil and moisturizing creamJojoba Oil

Another oil I use on a near daily basis, I mainly use jojoba oil on my face, but have been known to use it as a whole body moisturizer now and then. I apply it to my face at night, focusing on my neck, cheek and forehead area and also to my hands before going to sleep. Jojoba oil soaks into the skin much faster than other oils, particularly Vitamin E oil, which tends to sit on the surface of the skin for a while. Since adding it to my skin care regiment it has made a noticeable difference in the softness of my skin.

Moisturizing Face Cream with SPF

I bought this face cream mainly because I was looking for something that had a small amount of SPF in it for the winter, but would not break me out. For $3.99, I decided I’d give it a try. The cream itself, soaks into the skin rather quickly, isn’t too oily like some face creams that contain SPF protection are and has a very mild scent. I use it in conjunction with my Vitamin E cream from The Body Shop.

tea tree tingle shampoo and conditionerTea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner

I recently added this to my hair care arsenal in an attempt to battle a mild dandruff issue I have been experiencing. Previously I had been adding tea tree oil to my shampoo in an attempt to get rid of my dandruff and while it does help, I found that the tea tree oil odor stuck in my hair a lot longer than I would have liked. This product is organic, sulfate free, contains eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme and peppermint oils and only ever so slightly smells of tea tree oil. I find that my hair smells mostly of peppermint and eucalyptus after using it. The shampoo does an excellent job at striping my hair of any styling product residue and does indeed tingle when massaged into the scalp. I’m assuming this is the tea tree oil doing its job. The conditioner is very good for a non-mask type conditioner and I’ve even used it without my Aussie 3 Minute miracle on occasion.

Do you have a favorite Trader Joe’s Beauty item?


  • Elizabeth Craney

    It’s so funny, so many people assume (for some unknown reason) that Trader Joe’s is significantly more expensive than any other store and avoid it like the plague! It’s such a shame since that’s not the case and the majority of what they sell, food and otherwise, is just amazing!! I’ll be looking into those tea tree oil products, somehow I’ve never noticed them on the shelves.

    xo E


    • BlushandBarbells

      TJ is actually cheaper than traditional grocery stores in my area!

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D

      I totally agree with you! I’ve had so many people tell me how expensive Trader Joe’s is, yet they are always cheaper than my local grocery store and have better quality food. I get 90% of my food from Trader Joe’s. I’ll even buy my toilet paper there on lazy weeks!

  • BlushandBarbells

    I like using the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner to wash my hair. Trader Joe’s really is the business!

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D

      I agree! I’d hate to move somewhere without one!

  • Kierstyn Salinas

    This is a great post! I didn’t know TJ’s had all of these things! I’m so excited to pick up the vitamin E and jojoba oil!

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D

      Thank you! Both the Vitamin E and Jojoba oils are very affordable there!

  • Jessica

    Love this! Unfortunately, there is not Trader Joe’s in my area, but whenever I head to my home town to visit family, I stop in a stock up. I’m totally going to check out the beauty care section for some of your recommendations!

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D

      Thanks and they have tons of stuff I didn’t mention here. Their prices are so affordable, I’m always grabbing something new to try.

  • http://www.anativeblonde.com/ Jess H.

    Love this post! One of my go-to beauty products from TJ’s is their vitamin c enriched facial serum. Diiivine!

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D

      I’ve never tried it, but I’ve been tempted to. I might have to give it a try.

      • http://www.anativeblonde.com/ Jess H.

        On particularly frizzy mornings, I also use a bit of it to smooth fly-aways :)

  • Jessicawnc

    I’ve got to go get Coconut Oil over at Trader Joe’s so now I will need to add some of these too my list!

  • http://jeansandatiara.blogspot.com/ Jess Madden

    I shop there every week two, and I’ve got a TJ’s shea butter lotion in both my work bag and my purse.

  • Amber

    Is the a beauty isle in all Trador Joes?

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