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A Festivus for the Rest of Us

A Festivus For the Rest Of Us It has become tradition in my home to celebrate Festivus each holiday season. Festivus is a sort of parody secular holiday that gained popularity after being featured on an episode of Seinfeld. Any die hard Seinfeld fan will remember that episode well, it’s on my list of top ten favorite Seinfeld Episodes. However, contrary to popular belief Festivus was not purely a product of the writers’ room. Oh how I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in that room. Festivus was originally a family tradition celebrated by Seinfeld scriptwriter Dan O’Keefe (source). Festivus is celebrated on December 23rd, due to time constraints my friends (Including zozo) and I celebrated it on the 21st. The holiday is marked by five key components, a Festivus pole, Festivus dinner, the Airing of Grievances, the Feats of Strength, and Festivus Miracles.

Festivus Pole: This is an aluminum pole erected in place of a Christmas tree. The pole is to remain unadorned and represents the non-commercial aspect of this holiday.

Festivus Dinner: What holiday is complete without dinner?

Airing of Grievances: This is by far my favorite part of this holiday and takes place immediately following dinner. During the Airing of Grievances, each attendee gets a chance to tell everyone in the room how they have disappointed them over the past year. My friends and I write our grievances down on a white board prior to dinner and I read them after we have eaten. While mostly comical inside-jokes, this is a great way to get things off of your chest.

Feats of Strength: In Seinfeld, this is marked by the head of the household selecting one person and challenging that person to a wrestling match. I have altered this a bit. Our tradition involves all of us battling each other in silly made-up competitions (ie. Who can squat agains the wall the longest), video games or board games. The winner of these events is crowed the Festivus Fool.

Festivus Miracles: These are observed all day on Festivus. These “miracles” are normally every day occurrences and are meant to celebrate the mundane and ordinary.

Below is a gallery of my Festivus day celebrations.

Festivus Dinner

Festivus dinner this year was no-fuss made up of comfort foods (meatloaf, mac n’ cheese, au gratin potatoes and greens).

Airing of Grievances Festivus

After dinner we read aloud our grievances (blurred).


R2-D2 Candy Dispenser

My R2-D2 Candy dispenser, a gift from my friend Alex.

Festivus Vodka

I had a label made to slap on a bottle of our finest vokda for Festivus

Peppermint Martini

Peppermint Martini made from said Vodka.


Festivus Pole

Our beautiful Festivus Pole made out of the finest workout bench materials.

One Direction Trading Cards

A running joke in our group, I received One Direction Trading Cards.

Feats of Strength

One of our challenges in the Feats of Strength, Soul Caliber 5. I won! Button smashing FTW!

Cards Against Humanity

Another “challenge” in our Feats of Strength, Cards Against Humanity.


Sokka the Cat

What post is complete without a pic of Sokka?!

Have you ever heard of Festivus and do you celebrate any wacky holidays this time of the year? Let me know in the comments down below!



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  • caroline

    What fun!!!! Love the idea of adopting a whole new ‘holiday’!

  • Jackie Harrison

    Wow just learn something new enjoy your holiday doll. Happy Holiday to you and yours.

  • http://www.fancypantsandsugarshacks.com/ Meghan Liegel Swaine

    Love this!!! One of the all-time favorite (and oft-quoted) Seinfeld episodes in this house. “I worked out with a dumbbell this morning. I feel vigorous!” Looks like you had a great time!!!

    Meghan xo

  • Miss. Louise

    I’ve always joked about celebrating festivus, but I really think it would be fun! I need to show my family this post!

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