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Elf Inspired Pedicure and Santa Hat Nail Art Manicure

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Elf is a registered Trademark of New Line Cinema

Over the weekend, I watched ELF, one of my favorite Christmas movies and was inspired to create this mani/pedi combo. On my fingers I created a Santa hat manicure and for my toesies an ELF inspired pedicure. I have seen quite a few Santa hat manicures floating around lately, but I feel like having Santa hats on every nail is a bit visually overwhelming. I opted for a mixed manicure adding 3 glitter nails and using my Santa hat designs as accents.

Santa Hat Nails 4




Santa Hat Nails 6To begin coat your nails with a base coat and add your base nail colors. I painted my pinky and index finger white, my ring finger and thumb a pinkish-nude for the Santa Hat background (you can leave it with just a base coat if you’d like), and my middle finger a glittery red. You can use a regular red polish on your middle finger, but I wanted this finger extra glittery. The more sparkle the better!

After painting your base colors, add the Santa hats to your ring finger and thumb. I created my Santa hats by making a triangle out of red polish, and adding a slanted line at the top for the hat fold. I used the brush that came with the bottle for this, no special tools needed. This does not need to be particularly perfect as you will be covering the tip of your hat and the bottom with white polish. Allow the red polish to dry completely before proceeding. With a dotting tool, add a large white dot at the tip of your Santa hat and add overlapping smaller white dots at the base of the hat (tip of your fingernail) for the trim. While the white polish is still wet, pat on the loose white glitter with a nail art brush or your finger.

Next, add the glitter to the rest of your nails. To do this, I dipped my nail art brush into clear polish (I used my base coat because it is thin), dipped the brush into my glitter and patted it onto my nail. Alternatively, you may also coat the entire nail in clear polish and dip your fingernail into the glitter or sprinkle the glitter on top. I like patting on the glitter because it gives me more control over the amount of glitter that I use. It also creates less of a mess and waste. I don’t want to waste any of my precious glitter!

Santa Hat Nails 5

Finish this manicure off with a clear top coat. I coated my glitter nails with two top coats to smooth out the glitter and create a good barrier of protection. When applying your top coat, make sure to swipe the brush off on a napkin or paper to get any glitter off before dipping it back into your bottle. If you don’t, you’ll get pesky glitter flecks in your top coat bottle and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Elf Toe Manicure 3




I was inspired to create this pedicure design while watching ELF. Buddy wears green and yellow so I have chosen these as my main colors. Begin by adding a base coat and the base colors to your nails. I painted my big toe a pinkish-nude, and alternated green and yellow on the following toes.

On my big toe, I applied my Elf hat in the same manner as my Santa hats, minus the glitter. I feel that glitter is wasted on the toes, do you? In addition to the pouf and trim, I added stripes to my elf hat using a nail striper. If you do not own a striper you can use a toothpick and carefully make lines across the nail using a quick dotting motion. I had to do two coats of yellow polish for my stripes because the polish I chose was not very opaque. If you have an opaque polish, you will be able to get away with only one coat on your Elf hat accents.

Finish up with a top coat and your toes are ready to party!

Santa Hat Nails

What do you think of my festive mani/pedi combo? Do you have any Christmas movie inspired designs? I love reading your answers, let me know in the comments below!



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  • http://coffeewithkai.blogspot.com Kai

    Awww I love the Santa hats! That is super adorable and seems really easy.

  • Mandy

    Elf is my favorite Christmas movie too! I love the glitter combo on your fingers. The white looks like snow!

  • Liz

    Those look great! Love the glitter and the santa hat looks pretty easy to do too. I like the mixed mani’s. I agree, a full set of Santa hats is a bit much. I think I’ll try this mani tonight. Thanks!

  • http://www.atelierzozo.com zozo

    Nice job. Those loose glitters are awesome!
    atelier zozo

  • http://thatszoe.blogspot.com/ Zoe Cayetano

    Ohh how adorable! Love this. I’m going to try this. I’m glad I already have nail polishes that have similar color.

    xoxo Zoe

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D


  • http://datelessndallas.com Bella

    I love Elf! It’s also one of my favorite Christmas movies! This is such a great idea especially the black and yellow on the toes. I am so into black and yellow (gold) this holiday season. Following you on Bloglovin’ :)

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D

      Thank you! Its actually green and yellow, but my pictures aren’t super clear. I can definitely see it being mistaken as black. Maybe Santa will bring me a better camera!

  • Marieta García López

    What a fun manicure! I love the contrast you did.

    • http://whimsicalallure.com/ Lindsey D

      Thank you! It was fun to wear.

  • Rusin D

    Awww so fun and beautiful!! I want!! xox


  • http://hmlovur.blogspot.nl/ HMLovur-

    Wow amazing! Great manicures.


  • http://ourinvinciblesummer.blogspot.com/ Robyn Black

    those hats!!! so cute!

  • trustxthis

    That is sooooo adorable!!!!!

  • Noor

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, check it out here:http://classychicxo.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-sunshine-award.html

  • charlotte

    That looks so pretty, i love elf!


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